WHO EYE AMrepresents the first harvest generated from the questions, [Seeds if you will. Planted in the thematic soil of its progenitor].

     Written over sixteen plus years of cruel, inhumane sensory deprived isolation, and solitary confinement within California’s torturous Pelican Bay State  Prison Security Housing Unit [SHU], the ninety or so newly added poems, prose, and spoken-word pieces appearing herein organically address the decisive and parasitically insatiable life-force draining question(s) of identity, which WHO AM EYE, presented. (i.e.: where/how do multicultural Blacks fit into the ongoing struggle for self-determination, Blacks have historically sustained; since 1619, on these stolen shores, within the confines of this murderous settler nation, under its white supremacist regime).

Wherefore, LC Devine Publishing has combined both Who Am Eye; A Spokenword Memoir and Who Eye AM; A Truth Seekers Journey in this new offering as parts one and two.

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